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GENERAL DONATIONS:  Sumner Hall exists thanks to the generous donations from members of the public – individuals, and organizations.  While our musical and cultural events and grant-supported programs are designed to pay for themselves, they do not pay for the basic cost of running Sumner Hall.  Your contribution – via memberships, donations, and rental fees – is the fuel that keeps us open!  Thank you for your support.

General Donation


SPECIAL DONATIONS:  Sumner Hall is pleased to accept designation donations for special projects.  We recommend the following at this time:

      • Legacy Day 2022: Legacy Day 2022 will be largely an “in person” event.  The theme will be selected by January 2022. On Legacy Day 2022, all sponsors will be recognized on large banners displayed on the outside walls of Sumner Hall and the Bordley History Center.  They will also be listed on Sumner Hall’s website.  Sponsorship Levels:  R&B ($1000+); Jazz ($500); Blues ($250); Hip Hop ($100); Ragtime ($50); and Bebop ($25).
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Social Action Committee for Racial Justice (SACRJ)

Sumner Hall supports the work of SACRJ by providing meeting space; publicity; administrative and financial management services.  While volunteers generate the ideas, energy and in-kind support to power SACRJ, it also needs financial support to conduct its initiatives and programs.

Make a SACRJ General Donation

All contributions to Sumner hall are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  We will issue an official acknowledgment to each contributor. We are grateful for your support!

Please make your donations by check or credit card.  Checks should be made payable to “Sumner Hall” with one of the following noted on the memo line:  Sumner Hall – General, Sumner Hall – Legacy Day or SACRJ.  Please mail you check to Sumner Hall, 206 South Queen Street, Chestertown, MD 21620.   Questions?  Contact us by email: