Answering The Question

A Collection of Photographs by Gordon Wallace

Artist Statement:

I’ve titled this series of photographs: Answering the Question.

The last book that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote – Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community – was published in 1968.  With all that has happened in the more than 50 years since he asked this question, I believe that we are now poised to answer it.  However, I do not have the answer.  I do believe that the moments captured in the photographs of this exhibit represent a way to begin to find the answer – Chaos or Community?

What is the beginning?  Life is filled with questions; but answers are found within actions.  The beginning is protesting, voting, open discussions, and asking “why?”  There is no clear response as to whether it will be Chaos or Community – the only two answers.  Together, we will either find a new meaning of unity or a new meaning of chaos and separation.  Ironically, we will make this decision together.

To determine what you believe the answer will be – Chaos or Community? – you must ask yourself this question: “What is the is problem and what is the root of the problem?” This question will eventually be answered with one of these choices as the only solution.

Where do we go from here?