Black History Month

Although every day is Black History Day at Sumner Hall, each February we produce special programs in honor of Black History Month. Our annual Henry Highland Garnet Symposium and a celebration of the national African American Read-In festival take place each year, along with other special events.

The African American Read-In was a virtual celebration in 2022.

Our major Black History Month event in 2022 was the distribution of George Shivers’ books about Henry Highland Garnet to each first and fifth grade student attending schools in Kent County.  Thanks to grants from the Museums of Kent Fund of the Kent County Government, Stories of the Chesapeake, and Meghan First, Sumner Hall can introduce young people to our local hero, Henry Highland Garnet.

The Henry Highland Garnet Symposium, which usually takes place in February, took place on May 14, 2022 as part of our celebration of Justice Day. For more information, see the description under our JTJC program.