The Board of Directors and Stakeholders of Sumner Hall gratefully acknowledge
the following individuals who have recently contributed to our General Fund.

The list of individuals who have made annual membership donations may be found under Current Membership.
Legacy Day Contributors may be found under the Legacy Day section, by year.


Janine Gray Ashbey

Naomi S Bechtold

Norris W. Commodore

Charles E. Conklin, Jr

Elizabeth Cox

Genevieve and Joseph Coyle

Virginia and Steve Croker

Mark DeMay

Adrienne Allyn Dent

Sud Deringer

Linda and Philip Dutton

Marc Dykeman

Daniel Ehrenberg and Ellen Jacobson

Jac and Diane Ferber

Chris Gordon

Monica R Graves-Bentley

Richard Hall

Patti and Dave Hegland

Bob and Gayle Ingersoll

Ronald Sanford Jordan

Ben and Kim Kohl

Richard LaMotte

Kay and Bill MacIntosh

Jim McComb

Tim O’Brien

Monique Saunders Patrick

Gale Rasin

Edward Rodier

Robert L. Roth

George Shivers

Beryl Smith

Sharon V Smith-Lunn