Legacy Day 2021

Highlights from Legacy Day 2021


The theme of Legacy Day 2021 was “Outstanding African American Athletes of Kent County.  Forty-four athletes and four coaches were honored.  Since we know that there are many other athletes who we were unable to contact, we requested that the names of additional nominees be sent to Sumner Hall after the event.  Click here to view the bios of other athletes.

A 48-page commemorative book accompanies the exhibition. 
Click on the image to download a PDF of the book.

Legacy Day 2021 Honorees: Athletes
Harrison Bessick
Herbert Briscoe
Barbara Sampson Brown
James Roland Brown
Marone Brown
Danielle Brown
Manny Camper
Jiordan Carter
Darryl Deaton
Ralph Deaton
Charles Williams Dorsey
Kenneth Fenner
Roscoe Freeman
Bruce Green, Jr.
Marcquan Green
Jason Hackett
Pat Hackett
Sue Harmon
Gerald Hynson
Eric Jackson
Toni Johnson
James “Buck” Kennard
Jasmine Lee
Erlena Brown Linthicum
Kim Briscoe Moody
Melvin Morton
Diona Perkins
Michelle Phillips
Alvin Ringgold
Antoinette Ringgold
Bates Rochester
James Saunders
Anthony Sewell
Gary Somerville, Sr.
Gary Somerville, Jr.
Ira Smith
Richard Thomas
James Thompson
Ryan Orlando Thompson
Mara Tolliver
Gordon Wallace
Tyrell White
Ernest Lamont Wickes
Tychelle Young
Legacy Day 2021 Honorees: Coaches
Mary Fisher
Carroll Jackson-Smith
Sobaye Scott
Leonard Smith