Current Members

Members are the lifeblood of Sumner Hall.  They provide funds to support our basic operating expenses that enable us to offer our wide range of programs and exhibitions. They also testify to our relevance, as stakeholders in our vision and mission.

Current Individual Members

Susan Bastress
David Billings
Beverly & Ed Birkmire
James Block
Linda J. Cades
Peggy & John Christie
Pamela Cleary
Gayle Compton
Charles Conklin
Calvin E. Coursey
Genevieve & Joe Coyle
Genevieve Croker
Virginia & Stephen Croker
Terra Deaton
Marc Dykeman
Daniel Ehrenberg
Diane & Jac Ferber
Gayle Folger
Anne Forrest
Barbara & David Foster
Lucia Foster
Marian & Ed Fry
Caroline D. Gabel
Lynn Geisert
Joanne & Bill Ghio
Drew Gruber
James A. Hall
Laura & Richard Hall
Ingrid Hansen
Suzanne Hayman
Christian Havemeyer*
Patti & Dave Hegland
Anna Hurd
Jamie Hurley*
Gayle & Robert Ingersoll*
Kate & Dan Ingersoll
Sandra Jackson
Jennifer & Tom Joseph
Sue & Simon Kenyon
Gretchen Knowles
Jay Kopel
Betty & Freddy Krambeck
Theadora Kramer
Barbara Lamphere & Rick Bisgyer
Germaine Lanaux
William Leary
Arlene Lee
Marguerite P. Long
Lucy Bowers Maddox
Jim McComb
Jan McDonald
Peggy & Tom McHugh*
Lynn & Steven Mitchell
Heather Mizeur
Marlene B. Moores
Rebecca Murphy
Milford Murray*
Andrew Lee Oros
Beth Ostrander
Leslie Prince Raimond*
Barbara Rein
Bruce Oliver Riedel
Peggy & Larry Samuels
Marilee & Ford Schumann*
Connie & Andy Scott
Lani & Dan Seikaly
Will Stanley Shawhan
Susan Shawhan
Jeanette Sherbondy & George Shivers
Lolli Sherry & Craig Damon
Emma Shivers
Ruth & Simeon Shoge
Courtney L. Sjostrom
Bart Stolp
Lainie  & Ralph Surette
Barbara Vann
Pam Vogel
Amy & Robert Warner
Thelma & William Washington
Darcy Williams
L. Wayles Wilson
Larry R. Wilson
Bernadette Wright

*Lifetime Member

Current Organizational Members

Figg’s Ordinary