Current Members

The Board of Directors and Stakeholders of Sumner Hall
gratefully acknowledge our current members.

The list of individuals who have made annual membership donations may be found below.
Legacy Day contributors may be found under the Legacy Day section, by year.


Jada Aristilde
Janine Gray Ashbey
Carmelyn Bachman
Mary Alice Ball
Susan Bastress
Ed Birkmire
Norris W. Commodore
Charles E. Conklin, Jr.
Virginia and Steve Croker
Carol Dobson
Terra Deaton
Linda and Philip Dutton
Marc Dykeman
Ronnie Edelman
Daniel Ehrenberg and Ellen Jacobson
Jac and Diane Ferber
Meghan First
Barbara and David Foster
Bill and Joanna Ghio
Monica R Graves-Bentley
Thomas Groce, Jr. and Joan Groce
Drew Adam Gruber
Jay Kopel Guben
Rani Gutting
Christian Havemeyer*
Patti and Dave Hegland
Helena Hermes
Jamie Hurley*
Robert and Gayle Ingersoll*
Sue and Simon Kenyon
Joy Kim
Jim and Diane Landskroener
Bill and Mary Anne Leary
Kathryn Lee
Margueritte Long
Jim McComb
Samuel Moore
Milford Murray*
Leslie Prince Raimond*
Gale Rasin
Elizabeth Rice
David Robinson, Jr.
Marilee and Ford Schumann
Beryl Smith
Bart Stolp
Susan Tomasky
Melissa Walters
Michele Wayman
Doug West
Jean Wortman

*Lifetime Member