Sumner Hall is engaged in several major projects, in addition to the exhibitions, programs and initiatives that we produce each year. As with everything offered by Sumner Hall, these programs are mostly volunteer initiated and produced. In each case, the project is a way to carry out our tri-fold mission:

  • honoring the contributions of African Americans who have served in the armed services from revolutionary war days to the present;
  • promoting an understanding of the African American experience within the overall context of American history and culture; and
  • advocating for social and racial justice in all areas of civic life.

Sumner Hall’s mandate under the Chesapeake Heartland Project is to document the role of African American members of the U. S. military Services. African American Legacy and Heritage in Jazz, Blues and Gospel, the Children’s Education Initiative and Legacy Day promote an understanding of the African American experience. The James Taylor Justice Coalition advocates for social and racial justice.