“Life is a saxophone” – A film by S. Pearl Sharp

 Life is A Sax DVD Cover -short for store“First Friday Aug.7 at the GAR – A film by S. Pearl Sharp, “Life is a saxophone” featuring Kamau Daaood, an oral poet in an electronic age. Filmed in 1984 in Los Angeles this word musician’s story includes a live concert at the Watts Towers  Arts Center with musicians Billy Higgins, Nirankar Singh Khalsa, Dadisi Komolafe, Roberto Mirands, artist Gale Fulton Ross, martial artist Dadisi Sanyika, dancer Lula Washington.

The film runs 58 minutes, and will screen at 5, 6:10 and 7:15.

This film is a poetic reflection on Watts nearly 20 years after the 1965 riots.